Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sacred Clowns - Myth or Reality?

Cecilia delivered on her promise to make us smoothies in the morning, and it was truly delicious, flax seed and all. After leaving our couchsurfing house, we decided to run some errands since we were in the 'big city'. We went to the Farmington Public Library to use the internet, Wal-Mart to buy food for camping, Big 5 Sporting Goods to try and find some more socks for Jill, and the most ghetto copying center we have ever seen (photo unfortunately not attached). Then we headed to Aztec, NM to check out some more ruins. There was only 1 ruin with about 16 or so rooms and a few kivas. The architecure was pretty similar to the later architecture at Chaco but there were more keyhole doorways than at Chaco.

Square Doors

We also learned that Sacred Clowns are a part of their creation story, which is really quite a wonderful thing.

Sacred Clowns?

Since the site was misinterpreted as an Aztec site when it really wasn't, we don't know how much stock you should give to the Sacred Clown concept, but we are thinking about starting our own church. This is our preacher here.

Peek a Boo

Anyway, the Aztec site was pretty cool and was a nice side trip on our way to Mesa Verde. After leaving Aztec, our goal was to get to Delores, CO to camp. Both Delores and Mancos were nice little towns and you should stop in at Basin Motorcycle Works in Mancos if you get a chance. The owner there suggested a sweet ride to a camping spot north of Delores in the San Juan National Forest.


Campsite by the River

Dinner wasn't half bad either. I have a feeling we will be eating this a lot.

Great Dinner

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