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Motojeros is Mike and Jill, but that term only describes a small piece of who we are:

motociclistas, yes...
    viajeros, yes...

but what else?


Jill cannot wait to see what this trip has in store.  Her biggest worry is that she isn't going to be able to find books she wants to trade for while travelling. She grew up in Higginsville, MO wanting nothing more than to get out and see the world.  She is still in awe of the beauty that it holds.  She got her accounting and finance degree and then joined the Peace Corps, living in the jungles of Suriname, South America with a wonderful Maroon community.  That experience opened her eyes a bit to poverty and living without necessary resources like clean water.  It also showed her how difficult development work can be and how important it is to work with the community to create sustainable projects that will actually be something that the community wants and can maintain.  Once her Peace Corps experience ended in 2006, she moved to Denver, CO and began working again as a public accountant.  It was a major bummer.  She absolutely hated working in a cubicle and hopes to never do it again.  She hung on to the job for 3 years, saving as much money as her lifestyle allowed, before starting grad school at the University of Denver for International Administration.  Attending grad school was a great way to refocus on development work and she hopes to land a job in Latin America working in non-profit management and is especially interested in the water and sanitation sector.  Despite enjoying her time in Denver, especially once Mike taught her how to ski, she is very much looking forward to getting back to the jungle and the beach.  She is also looking forward to eventually becoming fluent in Spanish.

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Mike (or Stew to some of you) is an unemployed Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) engineer who is looking for a job in the best way imaginable - on the road through Latin America.  After studying abroad in Buenos Aires back in 2000, Mike has had a strong desire to return to South America.  Engineers Without Borders provided that opportunity through a water and sanitation project in Llacamate, Peru (see blog background images and Picasa album one, two, or three), which is a definite stop along our journey.  Mike is excited to go on a tour of ruins from different civilizations and different eras starting with the southwest US and on down the continents. Oh yeah, he is also a big fan of latin american cuisine, so the food in various countries may get prominent placement in our posts.

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We prefer that you support one of the great organizations linked at right, or perhaps another development organization of your choosing (please ensure that they are financially efficient, channelling almost all of their funds directly to program expenses).  But if you just can't help yourself and have this insuppressible need to send us money, your generosity will be very much appreciated and will keep us on the road longer.

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