Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prohibido el nudismo

We had received some good info from many people about beaches to visit along the Oaxacan coast. Pto Escondido is known for its tourism and surfing, but we were already a bit further south, so headed towards Pto Ángel, Mazunte, Zipolite, and San Augustinillo. Pto Ángel was a definitel fisherman´s town, at the start of a loop of beaches within about 20 km of each other. We first went into a hostel in Pto Ángel to find a room in order to get our soaking wet clothes off, take a warm shower, and eat. But no one was to be found. We took that as a sign, and went in search of a little more relaxed beach town. We passed by the turn off for Zipolite (guessing that lodging would be a bit pricey since it´s so well known for its tourism since it´s so well known for it´s nude beach) and arrived in San Augustinillo.

There we stopped at a small hospedaje at the entrance of town, but again, no one to be found. It must be rainy season or something. Thankfully a British ex-pat drove by and kindly recommended a place 2 doors down, where the rooms were simple, cheap, and clean. Just what we were looking for! It worked out. We got a nice sized room for 200 pesos, and sure enough the staff was super nice. After a luke warm shower (as close as we could get to hot) we ate at their restaurant and enjoyed a beer. The rain was still coming down in sheets. Nap time it was.

We walked through the town of San Augustinillo that afternoon when the rains slowed. It´s about 3 blocks long, just along the highway, and has a number of very nice looking hotels, cabañas, and spas that are out of our league (if you´re into a little nicer things, then you should check out el Sueño - it looked amazing and probably around M$X500-750). The beach was pleasant, but has definitely seen some rough weather recently.

The next day we drove over to Mazunte to check out another beach. The town has a bit more going on, more food options, some craft shops, lots of pizza places, a turtle reserve, etc. A bit more of a hippy enclave. We had some good tortas for M$X15 each, wandered around, and just read on the beach for awhile. This beach definitely had more people around. It also had signs expressly forbidding nudity. Apparently too many people tried to get all Zipolite all over the place.


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