Monday, October 10, 2011


Salcar is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Through the ADVrider forum connection, Salvador was kind enough to share his house with us while he was traveling for work. Part of what he does in Managua is run a motorcycle rental operation and tour service, NI.CA.MOTO ADVENTURE. If you or anyone you know is interested, I would highly recommend going through Salvador. See his website for more info:

The accomodations at salcar's place are top notch, and his directions steered us directly to his house, after a beautiful drive over from LeĆ³n.

(entryway to our space at Salvador's house)

The drive was made even more interesting by a parade happening just outside of Ciudad Sandino, shutting the Panamerican down at a small town. A short cut attempt ensued.

(what the PanAmerican highway looked like for us on the way into Managua)

(luckily we followed a couple of vehicles for most of it, and then asked a farmer how to get out of that back road. He didn't give hints out to everyone, because most people turned around. But he told us about this little path through his field to meet back up to the highway. We were also quite happy that he never unslung his rifle.)

It was nice to have a place that felt like home for our couple of days in Managua. Thanks again, Salvador!

(Mike and Sergio with the TA in Managua)

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