Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Suriname update - another of many

Random events in Tutu keep the days moving along. For instance, Josh, a Peace Corps volunteer who has been in Tutu for almost 2 years, needed a new roof on his gangasa, or cookhouse. Helping out/watching provided almost a full day of entertainment.

(roof work party lashing dried, folded leaves in place)

(These guys showed up prepared with a boombox, some fried dough, and a couple of j's (I guess you gotta entertain yourself somehow if you are tying leaves all day long))

(Our job was an easy one since they had already collected all of these vines and had them soaking.  We helped peel the bark off the entire length of each vine (~5m))

(Edwin preparing vines for lashing by splitting it into 4 or 5 individual strands)

(One side of the roof nearing completion. The final cap on the roof is placed with a different type of leaf, but no final picture. You'll just have to believe me for now)

Other highlights come for us when we get to go into the big city every month or so. One of our favorite evenings was when we met up with some of our friends for a sweet dinner in Foto!

(Mike, Cabrini, Cameron, and Deb enjoying some pie and wine in Foto)

To provide you with some of the randomness that keeps us going:

(These grasshoppers have nothing to do with anything. But they provided a good break in the day.)

Grasshoppers are much more pleasant to come across than gross tube worm thingies that put worms in your foot if you step on them.

While on random animal pictures, these fuzzy creatures (below) are everywhere, often where you'd least expect them. At least they only make you itch if you touch 'em

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