Thursday, May 31, 2012

What lives in YOUR bathroom?

Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably not as cool or as cuddly as sloths.  That’s right, sloths.  A friend of ours is working for a small NGO here in Paramaribo that rescues exotic animals, particularly sloths and anteaters.  Apparently many people get sloths for pets, then realize they don’t want them anymore (I think this is a usual trend for exotic animals as pets), so this NGO helps take care of the sloths and find them new homes.  But for now, these guys spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  Even while the employees are in the bathroom too.  I guess it’s a good timer – if you haven’t finished up by the time the sloth gets to you, it’s time to wrap things up.

(3 toed sloth hanging out in the bathroom.  These little guys have clamp-like grips.  Once they get a hold of you or anything else, it can take a couple of people to get them to release.)

(Mike and friends)

(sloth crawling at you...slowly. There was 1 female and 3 males locked up together. The female was the first to escape when the bathroom door was open, and tried her best to stay away from those other guys.  Poor girl.)

(sloths will apparently even hang off of each other)

The anteaters were also really cool to see.  But they live in separate cages and may not appreciate it if you use the bathroom in there.

(a medium sized anteater)

(feeding time)

(splayed anteater

(that tongue is good for anteatin'!)

And despite what you may think, the anteaters were not fed a massive cup feel of ants at each meal.  Instead, they get a vegetarian grog that they seem to enjoy all the same.

(get it!)

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