Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Transamazónica - Part III

Day 6 - Parque Nacional do Amazónia to Jacaréacanga

After a long travel day and no shower, we were hoping to get to the next town, Jacaré, in order to clean up a little bit. But, it was about 300 kms from where we camped, and with our average rate of about an hour and a half to cover 50 kms (30 miles) on the Transamazónica, we were looking at another long day. The stretch from Itaituba to Jacaré turned out to be the best maintained and quickest moving section for us.

(While we were in the Amazon National Park, the forest was much more lush than we had seen yet.)

(Once we were out of the park, burned trees and cattle land made their appearance again.)

(Although we didn't see a whole lot of traffic, when we did it was generally moving way too fast and none of the trucks wanted to budge an inch off the one track road, so we had to make sure to get over for them. We didn't really enjoy this game of chicken, but we did have to play. This truck looks like it lost it's game of chicken with the bridge.)

(This section was much more secluded than what we had seen, but there were still services, including a hotel and restaurant with gas at 170 kms from Itaituba, this restaurant where we ate lunch, which also had gas, that was 250 kms from town, and another gas station at 270 kms. Our stop had a little bit of eveything you could need, including an air strip where an airplane landed to drop off someone. We saw another air strip on this stretch as well. Not sure what these planes are transporting, but we would guess that a majority of them are not very legal.)

We managed to get to Jacaré in the late afternoon - the turnoff is a little tricky to see, so be sure to be on the lookout for it (although it looked like they were starting to work on that turn, so it may be easier to spot in the future). Surpisingly, the first two hotels we tried were full, so we went into the center of town and found something, although a little more expensive (at 50 Rs) than we expected from a small town in the middle on nowhere. The town is pretty small, with a lot more indigenous people than we had seen in other towns. Overall, we enjoyed the town, but went to bed pretty early to try to recover a bit.

Day 7 - Jacaréacanga to Apui

(Not too far from Jacaré, we officially entered into the state of Amazonas)

(the cows took some time out of their busy day to check us out)

(Around lunchtime we had another ferry crossing. The ferry was across the river, but we didn't have to wait long for them to come pick us up)

(luckily there was a restaurant waiting for us across the river)

(there was also a town of about 300 people)

We arrived in Apui with enough time to walk around town a bit.

(these trash cans were all over town and made of old tires. We thought they were pretty cool.)

(we were happy to eat here, although we had burgers instead of a hot dog)

(our hotel was a good deal at 28 R for an air conditioned room with a bathroom, that was also right across the street from the bus station)

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