Saturday, September 15, 2012

San Agustín

As we were rolling though San Agustín looking for a place to stay, a guy pulled up next to us on a little 125 and said he could take us to one. We were skeptical, but he had a genuine smile, told us there was camping at his place, and we were in Colombia after all, so we followed him. He took us to Hostel Gamcelot, which happened to be the one place that we had seen info about. The room rate was cheap enough compared to camping so we sprung for it for 2 nights (50000 COP total) , and walked up to the park the next day.

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(hostel Gamcelot, about 500 m out of town towards the park)

San Agustín the town leaves a lot to be desired. San Agustín the park was impressive. There is a large collection of statues and tombs in the park, which takes about 4 hours to walk through.

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(this is obviously not from the park, but gives you some idea of what the town has to offer. Check out the health food options)

On the way from San Agustín we ran into Georg and Anke, who we chatted with for a few minutes on the roadside. They were great, full of good info, and have traveled alot. In proper contrast to our cool rainy day, they were looking forward to getting to the Carribbean coast for a beach.

(Georg and Anke)

They recommended a hostel just outside of Mocoa that turned out to be sweet - Casa del Rio hostel. Run by a Belgian guy, it's located just a few km out of town on a nice plot of jungle land. He is full of recommendations for waterfalls, swimming holes, and other day hikes, as well as offering a tennis court and plenty of beer (he's Belgian). A great place to stay, but be sure to bring some food with you.

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