Thursday, April 28, 2011

Closing Weekend Shenanigans

Closing weekend at Mary Jane has become somewhat of a tradition for us.  It is the last weekend that the ski resort is open and it turns into a huge party in the ski in/ski out parking lot better known as C Lot.  It is crucial to get a good spot in the parking lot so that you can reserve space for you and your friends to party.  Since Mike and I don't have jobs and don't have shit to do (like get ready for this little trip we are about to take), we volunteered to go up Thursday afternoon to get a good space and camp out in the 1991 Aerostar.  Thursday night was relatively low key and we went to bed early.  I woke up to some altitude issues apparently from being in the midwest for 2 weeks and had to wake Mike up to open the van so I could puke out of it.  Nice.  Our friends started showing up Friday afternoon and we proceeded to have a fun, drunk closing weekend.  We got dumped on all day Saturday and a lot of the day Sunday so people had the opportunity to ski if they so chose.  Thanks to Chris and Ed for letting us crash at their cabins - it was much warmer than the van.  It was great hanging out with good friends and meeting other cool people.

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  1. Salvador, Tigra and Pato await you Jill and Stew! Safe travels and revel in the glorious freedom of the open road. Love from Daniel and Krystal!