Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Plan

We leave Denver, Colorado, USA on May 1st, 2011 to head south, destination unspecified - we'll know it when we're there.  Our ultimate goal is to get to Ushuaia, Argentina, commonly considered the southernmost city in the world.  Along the way, we are both hoping to pick up random jobs that will allow us to stay in one spot for awhile and get to know people.  Jill is also looking forward to taking Spanish classes somewhere as her Spanish is not quite up to par  (Mike's is much better).  Other highlights we are looking forward to are visiting friends in El Salvador and Panama, visiting the community Jill lived in for Peace Corps in Suriname, visiting the community that Mike worked with through Engineers Without Borders in Peru, and going back to Buenos Aires where Mike studied abroad.  Oh, and we are also looking forward to the beach, jungle, mountains, bugs, stomach issues, awkward cultural exchanges, street food, motorcycle repairs, and everything else we are going to see on a daily basis.

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