Friday, August 12, 2011

Agua Morena

Close to Palenque on our way back south, we went to two other tourist sites, Misol-Ha and Agua Azul. Misol-Ha is a 115+ foot waterfall. It was a pretty cool stop and the area around the falls is very chill, with casual vendors selling souvenirs, food, and drink (the bathrooms were out of service, though, so food and drink intake were avoided). There was also a cave you can hire a guide to take you into behind the waterfall.

(Not sure what was going on with Jill's hair that day...)

After Misol-Ha we went to Agua Azul, "blue water" in spanish, and apparantly the water is in fact blue at times (we´ve even seen it in pictures!).  But, our experience was much more morena (brown) than azul. Due to rainy season, the water had a lot of debris and sediment moving through it. Despite the somewhat misleading name, the falls were still very impressive. We had read and heard from fellow travelers that the area was a bit sketchy with reports of peoples bags getting stolen while they swam, but we had no problems at all (likely in part to us being cheapo´s and not bringing a single peso with us to buy souvenirs/food, but also becuase the area seemed to be about as safe as any other.  For instance, we didn´t leave our camera on shore...).

A small restaurant in the parking lot provided us with some amazing chicken tacos, and the family who owned the restaurant kept an eye on the bike while we played at the falls. The highlight for us was stopping in an area to swim and rope swing with a rather jolly (in the rotundest sense of the word) Mexican who was absolutely loving it.

After a fun day of swimming in beautiful falls, we spent the night in downtown Ocosingo. We were able to find a hotel for 200 pesos with cable tv and pizza across the street, so we got some pizza to go and vegged out in front of the tv watching American movies. It was a perfect ending to the day.

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