Monday, August 22, 2011

Job on the Horizon

As some of you may know, Jill was in the Peace Corps in Suriname, S. America from 2004-2006. Recently, there was a Peace Corps Response position that came up for a Business-NGO Development Advisor, which matches pretty well to her background. After a Skype interview and some negotiations concerning logistics, she has accepted the position. She is due to start on December 1st, giving us enough time to enjoy Central America and still arrive in Suriname by motorcycle on time. She still needs to get through a couple of bureaucratic steps with the Peace Corps, but it shouldn´t be too difficult. She is very excited for the opportunity to live in Suriname and in the jungle again.

She is glad that Mike is willing to live in Suriname for the 6 month assignment. He will begin talks with an organization in Suriname soon to try to work out a job as a water and sanitation engineer in the village. We will be living in New Aurora, a larger Saramaccan village about 8 hours south of Paramaribo. Jill´s job description is to set up strong cooperatives with the women living in two communities and address their needs concerning the collective procurement of materials and services and collective marketing for their handicrafts. It should be a good challenge and a great opportunity to get hands on experience working with coops.

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