Saturday, February 9, 2013

Peru and Bolivia videos

Our friend Mark (aka Radioman on ADVrider) put together some nice compilations of his riding in Peru and Bolivia.  We happened to spend a bit of time with him across those 2 countries.  Here's a link to those videos so you can catch a glimpse:


[LINK to his video post in his Ride Report]

We met Mark up north, but didn't ride with him until Cusco to Aguas Calientes. We did take a few of the same roads, though. Here's a breakdown of our overlap:

 - 00:17  Huanchaco, where we met Mark, but then split ways until Cusco
 - 01:04 we make our brief debut, followed by an intro to Ollantaytambo and stills of Machu Picchu
 - 02:03 Ollantaytambo, riding through
 - 02:31 on the way to Sta Teresa
 - 02:55 we left the 1st hostel the same way (which happens to be in Potosí, Bolivia, but no matter), but weren't with Mark in Arequipa (03:10 until end of video)


 [LINK to his video post in his Ride Report]

We were with Mark for most of the riding that we did in Bolivia, but split ways after the Salar de Uyuni.  Here's the breakdown of this video:

 - until 04:18 we were with Mark, and the video is really well labelled, so just watch it

Thanks Mark! Your videos are well composed. But most of all, thanks for letting us join you for a small segment of your South American travels!

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