Thursday, June 16, 2011

Excitement on the way south

While every city we´ve been to has felt very safe, and every road (99% libre instead of toll roads) has been fine, there are still random acts of violence taking place here in Mexico. But most of you know that already. We know that, too. As tourists we are not targeted, but we could be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Our hope is to avoid that. But similar to TSA inspections at airports (ya know, like looking at everyone´s shoes after the lackluster shoe bomber attempt...), you don´t really know what´s going to happen next until it does.

A reminder of that occured yesterday as we were driving through Celaya, right down Ignacio Allende, Hwy 51. On the way to Celaya, there were a few pick-up trucks full of geared up policemen passing us in a very big hurry. There was a major check point in the middle of Celaya, where they were pulling over any late model truck, especially SUVs with tinted windows. Then just down the street, at about 11am we passed by the storefront where 3 people were killed that morning.

It´s sad that this turf battle is taking place in Mexico, and even more so that innocent bystanders are often caught in the melee. Props to the policemen and women who are courageous enough to do what they can to bring peace and protection.

As far as we are concerned, we are doing our best to steer our route around notoriously dangerous areas, and continue to absolutely love our time here in Mexico! We would travel through Mexico again in a heartbeat. And we are still very much looking forward to spending some time in Chiapas. More to follow on our way there...


  1. Do you have an e-mail I could contact you? I am finding out if some friends could give you a place to stay in couple countries in Latin America.

  2. That´s a nice offer! Thanks for looking out. You are welcome to email us: motojeros -AT- g mail -DOT- com