Sunday, June 26, 2011


We are having an absolutley amazing time in Tepoztlán! Some friends of ours, Ron and Alicia, have very graciously opened their home to us, and we are glad to have the opportunity to explore Tepoz, and to learn as much about ecologoical sanitation, ecosan, as we can in a short couple of weeks. Ron is the founder of SARAR Transformaciones, an organization that involves various communities around Mexico in participatory development, implementing sustainable sanitation solutions. The chance to learn more about their projects in person is an absolute dream for Mike, and Jill has a new found interest towards sanitation, too. Over the next week or so we will take more time to write about what we´ve been learning, what we´ve been seeing (assuming we remember to take the camera with us...), and other random stories.

This past Friday night, Fabiola, who we know from SARAR, invited us out to listen to live jazz at Mango. It was a sweet venue and nice to hear some live music. We even met up with some friends who invited us out for some wine after hours and had a great night out. Sadly, we misplaced their phone numbers. Anyelica and Brenda, if you see this, shoot us an email, please.

Otherwise, we´ll be back online soon...

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