Friday, June 3, 2011

Relaxing in Creel

We ended up staying in Creel for 3 nights and La Posada ended up being a great spot to be. We would recommend it if you are passing through. The owner, Mario, is a really nice guy, it is free to use the computer and internet, free coffee, and lots of free beer if you hang out with him and his friends. Plus the place was really quiet because it is the slow season and there were very few other guests.

The first day we arrived, we were pretty spent from the previous two long days (long for us, at least)of curvy riding on Highway 16. So, once we checked in we took it pretty easy. They were having a fair during the time we were there, so we checked it out a couple of times. The food was really good. They also had live music one night and traditional dancing another.

We saw people walking around with a flat pizza looking thing and we had to find some. Come to find out, they were called chimichangas and they actually tasted like waffle cones. They spread a mayonaise like substance on the waffle bread and put lettuce, carrots, meat, cheese and other goodness on top all for about $1.

Here are some other sights from our stay in Creel.

On our second evening, we met a lawyer who works for an organization helping to protect the rights of the Tarahumara, one of the few indigenous tribes to never be conquered. He had learned so much from them, and shared a few fascinating stories about their way of life and some of their current struggles. We offered to promote his organization in the sidebar at the right of our blog with a direct paypal link for those that would like to donate, but that didn´t pan out, mostly because of differences in technology. With it being such a small operation, the website for their organization is constantly in progress (so much so that he was hesitant to share it), and paypal was a strange concept. We´ll continue to see if the donate button idea could work for local organizations along the way, but the first couple of attempts have been less successful than hoped.

That night, we ended up hanging out with the group of locals that frequent la Posada every night. We had a really good time talking to everybody and ended up going to the bars with them, which the owner of la Posada also ran. Needless to say, we were out way too late and were way too "tired" to get up early and drive to Batopilas through Copper Canyon. So, we relaxed another day and caught up on some reading and relaxing.


  1. Agreed! And one of the few readily available vegetarian options that does not strictly consist of cheese and tortilla...