Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Despite Guadalajara being a beautiful city, we were anxious to move on to our next stop, Guanajuato, because we were going to meet another couple from Colorado that have been traveling by motorcycle. They started their trip in November and we have been following their ride report on ADVrider. We noticed a lot of commonalities between us and had been communicating by email prior to the start of our trip. They had spent 4 months in Mexico the first time around, made it to Panama and then decided to turn around and come back to Mexico to live for awhile so Sabrina could enhance her Spanish at the school and Eric could work from home on web design. They have been living in a sweet house in Guanajuato for the past 3 months and have a pretty good thing going for them. They are in the process of deciding if they are going to stay for another 3 months or go back to Colorado. It seems to us they are gonna be in Guanajuato for as long as they can be.

From Guadalajara, we took what seemed like the longest possible way to Guanajuato, driving through several large towns and having to backtrack to stay on the libre (free) roads. What we thought would be a 3-4 hour drive turned into a 6 hour drive. Eric and Sabrina were nice enough to meet us at the airport about 30 min out of town so we could follow them to their house. Thank goodness they did because we would have definitely been lost for hours. Guanajuato streets consist of a lot of tunnels that are really fun to drive through.

Since Eric and Sabrina have been in Guanajuato for awhile, they also know the best places to eat. We have had quiche; club sandwiches; comida corrida, a 4 course meal including the best roasted potatoes that were free as long as we kept drinking (no problem there); wonderful pasta and salad; plus we got to go to a BBQ at one of their friends cabins out of town; and we have even had some marvelous home cooked food to boot.

We have also been able to meet several of their very cool friends, including a couple who have purchased a house in Guanajuanto and are turning it from a trash pit into a really nice sustainable living area. We also met a couple who are living in this cabin and have this sunset to look at on a regular basis.

This is the view of Guanajuato from Eric and Sabrina´s patio

One of Sabrina´s favorite hobbies is feeding the neighborhood cats and dogs. They are lucky she is around.

There is also a museum of mummies in the town that we went to. It is next to the town cemetary and apparantly the city exhumes bodies that are delinquent in their yearly burial plot fees. They have created a museum of those bodies. It is a very interesting museum, but is a little morbid, creepy and sad at the same time.

Guanajuato is a beautiful city, enveloped by mountains on all sides, and we have really enjoyed spending a couple of days here.

We also visited San Miguel with Eric, another beautiful expat enclave.

We have really enjoyed spending time with Eric and Sabrina. It has been great to talk about motorcycle stuff, life on the road, life in Guanajuato, and everything else. They have been awesome hosts and we are really grateful for the place to stay and the good times spent. It was just what we needed.  Thanks to both of you!

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